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Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF)

Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF)


About the Company

The Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) provides scholarships and other learning opportunities for Canadians who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of program evaluation.

  • Increase group membership
  • Promote member benefits
  • Encourage member engagement by volunteering 
  • Update branding including logo design
  • Complete website redesign to make the site responsive to mobile devices and update content

The client worked with us to create a new logo and branding. We created a simple and clean design with natural colour theme. We updated their Wild Apricot website integrating new branding and making it responsive to mobile devices. 

Role: Logo design, Web design, web development, testing

Logo design

Logo design


Create a bilingual logo design. Must be similar to sister company logo

  • The graphic I used is of a book. Four open books to signify learning or intense study. Reader is invisible but angle of the books are positioned as if being read on a table by 4 people to signify collaboration.
  • I created two colour palette options.
    • First one using the two shades of blue used by Evaluation Canada.
    • The second one in different colours to signify diversity in the organization.
  • The font I used is sans serif type. Simple and professional using the blue colour palette.
    • Option 1: Avenir Next – wider and rounder
    • Option 2: Abel – narrower. Because the organization name is long with English/French, I chose this font to reduce the width of the logo so it fits better on your business collateral like your business card.


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