It can be overwhelming to start a new project but here is a quick overview of the process and also so you have an idea how I work. You may have questions in mind that may be answered here.

Before we start

  • Logo and images such as photos of your store, products, your team
  • Content such as company profile, mission statement, product or service descriptions
  • Marketing materials such as advertising, business cards (if any)
  • Login to WordPress admin (if any)
  • Login to domain registrar (eg. GoDaddy)
  • Login to your current website hosting- DreamHost, BlueHost, JustHost for example

If you don’t have a web host yet, I highly recommend Web Hosting Canada based in Montreal. If you will signup with them, here is my affiliate link. Don’t worry it will not cost you more! They give affiliates a small commission for referrals.

Design and Development Stage

These steps summarize my process in designing for the web or print


Step One: Layout and Design

A large part of the project is in the layout, structure, and design of the site. I’ll create the mockup of the website and send you homepage and subpage for review and approval. For print design, I will present multiple studies.


Step Two: Development

Once I get your approval, I’ll start with the designing of all pages, functionality and responsive code, making sure your site looks great and functions nicely across all devices and web browsers. This will all happen in a test area (staging site). A link to this site will be sent to you during development stage for you to browse and review all pages and functions.


Step Three: Revisions and edits

At this stage, the site is ready for final review. You’ll be able to review pages and functionality of your site.

Step Four: Launch the Site

I will move from staging to live site and retest functionality, pages, links and final browser testing.

Step Five: Wrap up

The most exciting time has arrived!  We are now live! Your new credentials will be sent to you to be able to make future updates on the site. Don’t worry I will set aside time to train you in how to use your brand new website. Computers may need to clear their browser cache to see the new site.

For print projects, I will send brand style guide and final files of your project in high-resolution files. In case you need them for high res printing needs.

Think you are ready to start working on a new project?

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